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Intrare: 1 cablu coaxial care are semnalul mixat RF + NET, iesire: 1 RF + 4 RJ45 Ports WIFI

EOC Slave interior  pentru solutii EOC

Au 300Mbps MAC bandwith

Functioneaza in banda de frecventa 8-45 Mhz

Acest echipament se instaleaza la client in casa.

HV5204W is the EOC slave based on HomePlug AV solution for Ethernet access over coax. It works together with EOC master which is based on HomePlug AV solution as well to construct a two-layer Ethernet data transmission channel on CATV coax cable, provide the Ethernet access service based on the existing coax cable networking.
HV5204W adopts INT7400 chipset, and OFDM modulation technology of high interference resistantance, taking up the low frequency between 7.5MHz and 65MHz to transfer data. Its physical layer speed is 500Mbps, while the maximum MAC layer throughout is 300Mbps.

Function Features:
Low-frequency modulated EOC slave is adopted INT7400 chipset, HomePlug AV solution
Work at low frequency between 7.5MHz and 65MHz, without affecting the existing CATV
Physical layer speed: 500Mbps; Max MAC layer throughout is 300Mbps
Support encryption for both uplink and downlink data
Support 4 Ethernet ports with 10/100Mbps auto-negotiation function
Support slave (CPE) isolation

Parameters Specifications
Carries 7 independent sub-bands,128 carries in a sub-bands, total 896 Sub-carriers
Modulation Technology OFDM
RF Output Power 110~118dBuV
IP Throughput (Max) 68Mbps
Link Attenuation <70dB (50Mbps@0-60dB, 30Mbps @70dB)
Media and impedance Coaxial TV Cable 75
Modulation Mode None,BPSK,QPSK,16QAM,64QAM,256QAM,1024QAM
Management Remote Management by Master Device

Wifi Features
MIPS 24K processor operating at up to 400 Mhz
DD2 memory up to 512 Mb
SPI NOR Flash memory up to 64Mb
4LAN ports and 1 WAN port
High-speed UART for console support I2S audio interface USB 2.0 host/device mode support GPIO/LED support
SPI support

Fise tehnice

15_EOC Slave HV5204WL-V1.2

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